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Any Investment will be handled with special Contracts and Conditions. The earlier an Investment is undertaken, the better the Conditions will be. We offer double or triple Profit-Share based Payback-Rates, plus a neutral Expertise seeing the potential for a 500% rise in Share Values in the first three Years. In total the Payback can be a Factor Ten on initial Invest within less than three Years. And please do not forget: The more Investors, the better the chances. Any Investor implicitely is a crucial "Part of the Success Story" himself. Talk to us at any time and do what many already did: Invest in one of the brightest and most promising high-tech Concepts on this fine Planet. Terms and Conditions as to Investments guarantee Profit-Share based Options for a long time, or ten-fold Payback Chances and more in a fast Buy-Out. Beyond these merely profit-oriented investments, any Company Partnership based on Company-Participation-(voting)-Shares of Acabion technology based Companies can be signed as well, starting at € 100 Million initial Invest. Anyone involved accepts that any Payback will be covered by Profits only, including Profits from rising Share-Values. This way the Acabion Project protects itself as a fail-safe Endeavour, and it protects its Investors by explicitly ruling out "Snowball-Tricks" and other Camouflage Tactics. Acabion's Target is to become a Symbiosis of what the best of all Banks stood for before financial Prestidigator-Tricks were invented, and what the best of all Industries stood for whenever some truly grand Innovations ignited their Next-Level Potentials to shift the whole World's boundaries outwards once again.

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