"Acabion outperforms cars by a factor 10 to 50. It sets the benchmark of true total effectiveness of road mobility at TTE 50% to 85%, instead of TTE 0.6% for a VW “Clean Diesel“ or TTE 3.7% of “the world's most efficient car“ the Tesla S."

Acabion: Next Epoch Cars.

We provide it all: 7.6 m Pickup-Trucks at 10 000 km range per charge, 5.5 m Road-Jets at 700 km/h top-speed, 3.6 m Hyper-Scooters to take you on a 2 000 km trip at 1 € total energy-costs and ultra-efficient 40-ton trucks to even make all our future hard-core logistics truly sustainable.

A New Era of Innovative Power ...

Fully solar electric if you like
at up to 10 000 km range per charge

Acabion is so ultra efficient that it works with batteries charged by solar electricity from just a few local solar panels

Acabion is the E = m c² of future mobility
at 0.3 to 3 kWh per 100 km, depending on the vehicle class.

Acabion's true total efficiency outperforms latest electric cars by a factor 10 to 50

Boosting all potentials by dimensions
at door to door speeds way above the Hyperloop

True innovations always share one attribute: No one imagined or expected them

For unlimited progress of prosperity and sustainability
at payback levels beyond just money

Acabion gives new dimensions and meaning to words like prosperity and sustainability as such

Acabion Mega-SUV '0-1-XL 2020' as one of 15 mobility types Acabion provides, from hyper-agile city-scooters all the way up to 50 ton trucks.

Extract from the Acabion portfolio.

Acabion TTE / True Total Effectiveness:

The succee­ding dia­gram shows how many km you can go from each 1 kWh in your batte­ries, in a (be­yond Mer­ce­des-Benz GLS-Class size) SUV Aca­bion Type 0-1-XL (blue line), and in a Tesla X (the curve at the very bot­tom).

The oran­ge dot­ted line gives an exam­ple and shows that at 100 km/h speed the Aca­bion SUV goes ca. 65 km from each single kWh. So from a 50 kWh bat­te­ry your range per charge will be 50 times 65 makes 3 250 km.

The Tesla X at 100 km/h makes ca. 5 km range per kWh. Hence from a 50 kWh bat­te­ry you will get 250 km range per charge.

Atten­tion: The speeds on the hori­zontal axis go up to the left and down to the right, sup­por­ting our mes­sage that the slower you go the more km you get from each kWh.

Never­the­less it may be mind-blo­wing to see, that the Aca­bion Mega-SUV at 300 km/h still pro­vides to you 50% more km per kWh than a Tesla X at 30 km/h... (green dotted lines).

May be we for­got one thing com­plet­ely, bom­bar­ded by too many ba­loney-adver­tise­ments: THIS is what makes true inno­va­tions; they open up true next new hori­zons no one even dared to dream about before.

Acabion 0-1-XL 2020, at > 2300 km range per charge at 100 km/h, from just 46 kWh battery capacity.

Acabion Facts:

The succee­ding video shows the atmos­pheric air­flow around four diffe­rent vehi­cles: A Tesla S in the back­ground (among the world's aero­dynami­cally best cars to­day at a cd index of 0.24), in front of it the offi­cial world-record hol­der in road-mobi­lity aero­dyna­mics, the 'Pac Car II' of ETH Zu­rich at cd 0.075, and in the fore­ground you see the Aca­bion SUV 0-1-XL at cd 0.019 and fi­nal­ly the self-ba­lan­ced ulti­mate two whee­ler Aca­bion Road-Jet type "Dol­phin" at cd 0.015.

Please keep in mind that the Pac Car II is such an ex­tre­mist de­sign that it sacri­fices any sus­pen­sion, any other prac­tical as­pects like at least a door and even most of any stee­ring sys­tem to its aero­dyna­mic mer­ci­less­ness. And yet: Here comes the Aca­bon SUV type 0-1-XL (or any other Aca­bion), with its doors and full sus­pension and 100% per­fect stee­ring, and at its 400 mm ground clea­rance even with se­vere off-road-capa­bili­ties, and tops the Pac Car II with all of its world re­cord by almost a fac­tor 4. Not to talk about any of such so cal­led 'world's best cars' (...Aca­bions out­per­forms by a fac­tor 10 to 50).

THIS is what Aca­bion pro­vides: Mind-bogg­ling new facts at the ul­ti­mate peaks of feasi­bility, in­stead of mar­ke­ting-fakes our chil­dren will one day mas­siv­ely (and jus­ti­fi­ably) blame us for, if they don't blame us even now.


2021-09-03: Our new Acabion GT drone, scale 1:1, proves our facts in real world traffic from now on, authentic and at ultimate precision.

Acabion Mission

When ultimate perfection exists,
why aspire to anything less?


Statement posted December 3rd 2019
We love ul­ti­mate per­fec­tion. Hence we also love what gives us so many ul­ti­mate­ly per­fect chan­ces to ex­plore the world and to ex­cited­ly move on in our lifes: Cars. We adore their ul­ti­mate in­di­vi­du­ali­ty and the com­plete free­dom they pro­vide, as well as we love car-in­dustry and all re­la­ted achieve­ments it stands for; in terms of utter fas­ci­na­tion for the object as such as well as the per­fect ful­fill­ment of all prac­ti­cal qua­drants such as com­fort and safe­ty. We love all of this, be­cause we are a part of it: We come from that in­dustry, we know it in­side and out, we adore it com­plete­ly and we even name it our home. We al­ways did, and we al­ways will, even though a cer­tain phase "out­side of the in­dustry (including some sound re-adjustment just like a Kantian critique) was es­sen­tial for us; to achieve what was tied deep down to our vivi­dly swin­ging mind-sets, most like­ly since child­hood days: Some kind of a most wonder­ful dream to fi­nal­ly make it even better. And we do not talk "a little bet­ter" here, we talk "next era ulti­mate break­through".
In this res­pect, "ul­ti­mate" to us stands for the highest peak phy­si­cal­ly to be achie­veble in a cer­tain field and with­in the ut­most limits of gi­ven na­tu­ral scien­ces, We "ulti­mate­ly" live for such most out­stan­ding real-world ulti­mate achieve­ments, tar­ge­ted with­in our own core-busi­ness to pro­vide to you ultra-high per­for­mance next-level mo­bi­li­ty tech­no­lo­gies way be­yond any mo­bi­li­ty-sys­tem known to­day.
As a re­sult of such highest tar­gets, our new ve­hi­cles have it all: They are tru­ly sus­tain­able, hy­per-effi­cient, ul­tra-com­for­table and ex­treme­ly fast. At 500 km/h even our new low-end level so­lar-elec­tric 'East-Asia Tuk-Tuk' will al­ready have a higher true speed-poten­tial than any hyper-car ever had or ever could have. Be asured, we will elec­troni­cally speed-limit those Tuk-Tuks for a while, as long as it takes to build up new and appro­priate ele­vated high-speed tracks that can handle it (and you bet we al­ready de­fined those, too).
Fi­nal­ly we love both: The old in­dustry, as well as wil­dest dreams co­ming true to in­spire it once again, to make it re-disco­ver its own true inno­vative power, to see it re­new its own next in­telli­gent stra­te­gies, to help it re­de­fine its clever­ness as such and to real­ly in­cite it to for­get about any mid-level tar­get-set­tings "just to stay com­pe­ti­tive", but to shoot for the ul­ti­mate leader­ship in one's own field once more, and then never to let that tar­get go again.
To be capa­ble to pro­vide such a tre­men­dous sup­port, we own our business in one hand and have opera­tional­ly struc­tured our work in a man­ner that we can in­spire our selec­ted best part­ners to launch prodi­giously ad­vanced mobi­lity solu­tions out­per­for­ming not just la­test elec­tric cars by dimen­sions, but fi­nal­ly all mobi­lity-systems know today: Be­ing com­pa­ti­ble to all exis­ting road infra­struc­ture, our Aca­bion sys­tem is also wide open for further vast­ly en­hanced sta­ges from fully auto­mated > 500 km/h ele­vated tracks up to 20 000 km/h vacuum tubes.
Our fun­da­men­tally inno­va­tive en­dea­vour will further­on unveil that A) by their true over­all effi­cien­cy per pas­sen­ger-mile, un­atain­able for any other trans­port-system, ul­tra-effec­tive in­di­vi­dual mo­bi­li­ty-systems will out­per­form and hence final­ly eli­mi­nate all other mo­bi­li­ty con­cepts. B) the ma­jor cha­rac­te­ris­tics for all fu­ture mo­bi­lity will be found in its true to­tal effec­tive­ness as well as in its true en­vi­ron­mental friend­li­ness and C) the only speed that ever coun­ted and ever will count for any mo­bi­li­ty sys­tem is the true ave­rage speed it pro­vides for any com­plete jour­ney un­der­ta­ken, coun­ted from in­di­vi­dual de­par­ture-door all the way right to the in­di­vi­dual ar­rival-door. And in all these aspects, from its in­built most con­se­quent in­di­vi­dua­lity all through its ul­ti­mate to­tal ef­fec­tive­nes right up to its ac­tually achieved highest possi­ble true door to door speeds, Aca­bion will not just pre­vail, but mark the ul­ti­mate bench­marks for cen­tu­ries to come.
Aca­bion's mis­sion close­ly re­fers to the above­men­tioned con­text by de­di­cating it­self com­plete­ly to pro­vide the best mo­bi­li­ty so­lu­tions world­wide, based on first-rank scien­tific know­ledge, most sin­ce­re­ly applied tech­nical mathe­matics, true next-level cut­ting-edge en­gi­nee­ring skills as well as our own high-end KI-tools, and most of all lear­ning it all from na­ture, not just in a bio­nic con­text, but within the full volume, depth and scale of the en­tire field of bio­logy as such.
Most de­ci­sive­ly we will never accept any kind of mar­ke­ting-bal­oney, tou­ting some ba­si­cally an­cient con­cept as 'the la­test best high-tech', just be­cause some fan­cy LEDs and a touch­screen were ap­plied. Such lat­ter approach re­so­lute­ly is not who we are or how we do it: We de­liver next-horizon facts instead, pro­ving our crafts to achieve the ul­ti­mate­ly pos­sible le­vels of sustain­abi­lity, per­for­mance, safe­ty, com­fort, effi­cien­cy, dyna­mics, robust­ness, ver­sa­ti­li­ty and over­all per­fec­tion on an epo­chal next new level. And our mis­sion-state­ment con­cludes with a clear com­mit­ment, to bring all of this back to the best of the in­dustry, be­cause we know THEY can do it. And so far we don't even have any am­bi­tion to do it with­out them, because we just know we could not have done what he did with­out our own deep and strong bonds to the in­dustry, and also we know that the tre­men­dous skills of all the fine people in that in­dustry are exac­ty what it takes now, to go "from an ul­ti­mately con­vin­cing new con­cept to an ul­ti­mate­ly temp­ting new world". In this way we sense, as a part of our dreams and accor­ding to our mis­sion, we will join again and do it all to­gether.

Peter Maskus, Founder Acabion Technology Ltd.

Acabion, for a


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