"The Acabion is ingenious in its efficient consequence."
Prof. Dr. techn. Ernst Fiala, mental father of the VW Golf, about the Acabion Generation 3 in 2004. We are in Generation 27 now.


The magic is quite simple : Combine natural patterns with technical genius!

After a century of absurdly inefficient cars, it is high time for a new era of mobility. Acabion defines the outcome, way beyond all limits of today's cars.

Acabion cuts environmental impacts of road mobility by 95%, at private-jet safety, comfort and speed for anyone, based on 100% solar energy.

And here is one of the reasons why the Acabion has the potential to contribute to a much better future. Check this aerodynamic comparison of the Acabion and the Tesla S as ''the car with the best aerodynamics'' (...at least among cars...) :

As shown, the Acabion has a fully smooth so called laminar airflow whereas all cars show an almost fully turbulent scenario in this respect, latest ones like the Tesla S sadly included. The laminar airflow all Acabions achieve with ease results in 8 times less energy consumed at 20 km/h and 10 times less from 100 km/h onwards, in both cases compared to latest high tech electric cars. All efficiency data are confirmed by neutral experts of ETH Zurich, as well as by Prof. Fiala, mental father of the VW Golf.

Facts Overview
  • 10 times more efficient than latest electric cars (+1000% progress, ETH Zurich confirmed)
  • With on-board batteries for 1000 km to 3000 km range per charge
  • Drives on ANY road. No new infrastructure needed at all
  • At 20 km/h already 8 times as efficient as electric compact cars
  • First successor of cars, worldwide, notary certified
  • Awarded with the German Future-Award
  • Awarded by GQ magazine: Best mobility innovation worldwide
  • 10 times higher comfort than high-end luxury cars
  • 10 times higher safety than high-end luxury cars, too
  • 10 times higher versatility, providing all potentials in just one craft, that formerly were found only in all classes of cars separately


"The Acabion is by far the best automotive innovation I ever saw. And it is the only one that makes me hope for a better future."

A high rank manager and car-industry-expert at T�V Rheinland in Cologne.


Acabion Columbus : Discover the next New World.

At 1 Euro per 500 miles.

Acabion Columbus, main Functions:

Da Vinci

Acabion da Vinci: Purity in any way.

At 550 km/h if you like.

Acabion da Vinci 2015 functional Essence :

Acabion da Vinci Showroom 01 :

"As an automotive engineer I drove high end cars like Bugattis and Ferraris all my adult life. I even worked for companies like Porsche and Mercedes as a strategic consultant for more than a decade, and yes, I loved all of that. But listen, does that mean it is forbidden to work out something totally new and much better way beyond car's intrinsic old limits? Well, I don't think so, and I honestly can't help it finding a Rafale Jet or an F16 or a Suchoi Su-37 so much more a tempting source of true inspiration than any of our (lately more and more decadent) direct descendants of the horse drawn coach."

acabion (alias of Dr.-Ing. Peter Maskus). Radical Innovator. Inventor of the Acabion.

Following 130 years old traditions instead of adapting mobility to our today's needs is a failure that sucks global oil reserves dry, stresses out your own financial mobility budget all the time and potentially ruins this world's climate not just in one way.

BUT NOW FOR JUST € 5,00 YOU CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Not in a game or in a dream. But for real this time.

"Notary certified the Acabion is the first succeeding system to cars, worldwide."

Confirmation by two notary offices in Germany and in Switzzerland.

Acabion: Four Decades of complete Dedication.



Invest + funds 01/06/2016:   € 568 112 of  € 5 000 000

ENGAGE ! Select your Participation-Certificate:

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Preorder your bright future. Preorder your first own Acabion now! Important: Signing a preorder also means to participate in our contest to win the Acabion No. 1 with each 20 Euro standing for a full ticket.

Your Discount is valid for any Acabion vehicle you might choose later on. By clicking the red Pre-Order button you accept the rules and conditions to be seen in the next 4 pages of the Pre-Order Document. The funding is an act of good will and does not lead to any right that can be legally enforced. Acabion took 38 years of full risk and hard work to achieve the actual status and guarantees to do all that is anyhow possible to achieve the next level as well and make the serial production come true.

Have a look at the next 3 pages. As soon as you preorder, we will sign and send your personal Pre-Order Document:


Any Investment will be handled with special Contracts and Conditions. The earlier an Investment is undertaken, the better the Conditions will be. We offer double or triple Profit-Share based Payback-Rates, plus a neutral Expertise seeing the potential for a 500% rise in Share Values in the first three Years. In total the Payback can be a Factor Ten on initial Invest within less than three Years. And please do not forget: The more Investors, the better the chances. Any Investor implicitely is a crucial "Part of the Success Story" himself. Talk to us at any time and do what many already did: Invest in one of the brightest and most promising high-tech Concepts on this fine Planet. Terms and Conditions as to Investments guarantee Profit-Share based Options for a long time, or ten-fold Payback Chances and more in a fast Buy-Out. Beyond these merely profit-oriented investments, any Company Partnership based on Company-Participation-(voting)-Shares of Acabion technology based Companies can be signed as well, starting at € 100 Million initial Invest. Anyone involved accepts that any Payback will be covered by Profits only, including Profits from rising Share-Values. This way the Acabion Project protects itself as a fail-safe Endeavour, and it protects its Investors by explicitly ruling out "Snowball-Tricks" and other Camouflage Tactics. Acabion's Target is to become a Symbiosis of what the best of all Banks stood for before financial Prestidigator-Tricks were invented, and what the best of all Industries stood for whenever some truly grand Innovations ignited their Next-Level Potentials to shift the whole World's boundaries outwards once again.


The worst design flaw in technology history? Read what it is all about:

Cars burn up so much energy useless, that it sums up to an unbelievable total of 45 000 liters per second. Just check this brief calculation based on data sources by BP, the OPEC and the US Oak Ridge Laboratory: We have roughly 1 Billion cars rolling on this planet. Each of them burns 80% of its energy in futile air turbulences. Car industry will tell you "no it is just 20%" but this is a lie as bad as the disaster cars stand for. Car industry earns Billions with cars. So what do you expect them to say? Physics on the other hand tells plain truth and it actually is plain and simple: The force to move any object through air is directly proportional to the object's projected area multiplied by its cd-index, characterizing the air turbulences it is causing. At any speed above ca. 10 mph / 20 km/h this force becomes the averaged absolute dominant factor. And since the Acabion reduces the product of cd times projected area by a factor ten it reduces energy consumption by 90%. You see that our "80%" assumption is already generous. Now say each car rolls 15 000 miles a year and burns up ca. 2000 liters of fuel per year. 1600 liters of this burn up in futile air turbulences. Now multiply that by 1 Billion, because this many cars we have rolling on the planet. Makes 800 Billion liters wasted, every year. Each year has ca. 31 Million seconds. Divide 800 Billion liters by 31 Million seconds and you get 50 000 liters per second. Say we reduce it a bit to be moderate: We end up with 45 000 liters wasted, every second. That is 27% of all oil sourced, globally. Smoking up in a design flaw some retards stand for we still see as heros. The early car makers were no engineers. They were tin can makers. Later they spent money to universities and became "Dr. h.c. engineers". But getting a "Dr. h.c." did never make anyone smarter or incresed his knowledge or insight. And so: still they remain tin can makers. Car industry builds absurdely inefficient tin cans, and makes us dream of them and pay for them. All very funny, if it would not cause such a total global disaster.

And how big is that disaster in total? Well, since Deepwater Horizon was fixed after 87 days, but cars spill on since 100 years, CARS IN FACT ARE 100 000 TIMES WORSE THAN DEEPWATER HORIZON. But we love them. Really?????

And what would you expect now from Acabion? Should we pretend "we did not notice it"? Or "keep our mouthes shut to protect an existing industry (that destroys our planet)"? We don't think so. We absolutely don't think so.

Finally the world needs a big step towards a truly clean and effective mobility. And just electrifying cars as we knew them will not help one bit. In that case we would continue to burn 45 000 liters energy equivalent per second, only the type of energy would change.

The only solution is the Acabion. Engage in our funding to make the real solution come true.

Terms & Conditions

Please read up to mark "End of Terms & Conditions".

Discounts granted as we hit mass production, refunds as profits cover it. Savings (averaged for ten years of mobility) granted as soon as you drive your Acabion instead of a car. ADDITIONAL BONUS: Who buys his certificate(s) before 25.04.2015 automatically participates in our hottest contest of all times to win the first ever successor of cars: the "Acabion da Vinci, Serial No. 1". This Century Technology Milestone represents a huge fortune that can be yours very soon. Your chances rise proportional to the height of your contribution. Each 5 € get you a quarter Acabion da Vinci contest ticket and each 20 € get you one full ticket. Contest granted as one million full tickets are sold.

Acabion spent 38 years of extremely hard work on the project so far and invested 6.5 Million Euro private money, own work not counted. There always was and still is a risk for the Acabion Team, and there is a risk for you: Discounts, Refunds, Contest and / or Savings cannot be legally enforced in any way. Your contribution is a donation to a Crowd Funding. You can win it all, Discount, Savings and Refund, if we all make this funding a big success. You can loose a little: the costs for the Certificate, if this Campaign fails. But finally you will not loose in any case becauser each Cent will be invested perfectly into building a better future. We all can only win: All funding whatsoever will be used to push the Acabion project forward in any way and as far as possible, for no one but you. But of course the best is we all take care to make this very special crowd funding story a great success. If you help just a bit, it sure will be, and both the Acabion and the refunds will come true.

End of Terms & Conditions.

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