Official Successor of Cars

Fully electric
at > 2000 km range per battery charge

Acabion is so ultra efficient that it can operate with batteries charged by pure solar energy.

Acabion is the E = m c² of future mobility
in a way that a car would need > 10 000 kW to keep up

... And it would need them at E-scooter energy consumption levels.

Acabion boosts all mobility potentials by dimensions
at door to door speeds way above the Hyperloop

True innovations are never expected, especially not their potentials.

Acabion stands for utmost prosperity chances and for perfect sustainability
at payback levels beyond just money

Acabion gives new dimensions and new meaning to our vision of the future as such.

Acabion is perfectly functional hyper-efficiency in a range of just 1 kWh to 2 kWh per 100 km.

Acabion is perfect aerodynamics, very different to any car like the Laferrari:

Acabion Mission

When there is a best solution, why shoot for anything less?

Posted June 30, 2017
We define, develop, manufacture and sell high-performance next-level vehicles beyond cars, trains, airplanes and any other mobility solution known today. Our vehicles are both hyper-efficient and extremely fast. We own our sales and service network and have operationally structured our business in a manner that we could develop and will launch vastly advanced mobility solutions outperforming latest electric cars by dimensions. 
We are the first company worldwide to present notary certified universal mobility systems intended and capable to succeed scooters, motorcycles, cars of all classes, buses, trucks, trains and airplanes on continental and intercontinental distances.
Our system is compatible to all existing road infrastructure, additionally it is open for further vastly enhanced stages of fully automated > 500 km/h elevated tracks and even > 10 000 km/h up to 20 000 km/h vacuum tubes.
According to our philosophy a) individual mobility will outperform and hence finally eliminate all other mobility concepts, b) the one major vehicle characteristic that will count most in any future mobility case is the true total effectiveness achieved and c) the only speed that counts for any mobility system is the true average speed it can provide for any complete journey from “departure-door” to “arrival-door”.
Acabion's mission closely refers to the abovementioned context by dedicating itself completely to provide the best mobility solutions worldwide based on the objectified fact that our crafts achieve levels of performance, safety, comfort, efficiency, dynamics, robustness, versatility and overall perfection systematically and physically impossible to surpass.
Acabion, for a


Join our mission and and learn more about the truth of mobile technologies. 


World record run Lucerne Paris Valencia in summer 2018:
> 2300 km with no recharge

Acabion shoots for a > 2200 km world record run from Lucerne via Paris and Bordeaux to Barcelona and finally all the way to Valencia, with not a single recharge at all. 

Decide for a better world and invest in our mission vision directly:

Progress on preparations for the 2018 Lucerne Paris Valencia Run:


Craft Definition

3D CAD based completely

Production System

According to Acabion World Best Production


Build Acabion da Vinci F1 for Lucerne Paris Valencia run


By notary certified Paypal account listing we ensure 100% transparency to you.

Any Investment will be confirmed to you in written form by certified pdf and from 1000 Eur onwards by original documents sent to you by post.

For 10 € you get your name into our Acabion Lucerne Paris Valencia book ISBN registered and National Library archived to be published in late 2018.

For 100 € you will additionally get one of those books, sigend by the Acabion founder.

For 1000 € you get a test ride in the Acabion No. 1 either in Paris or in Barcelona or in Lucerne plus you get a 2 000 Euro Acabion Profit Share.

All profit shares mark a value at investment day plus later profit-bonus depending on win development.

For 10 000 € you get a 25 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

For 100 000 € you get a 300 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

For 1 000 000 € you get a 3 500 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

And for 10 000 000 € you get the production No. 1 Acabion da Vinci F 1 as the first official production number after the (not for sale, internal No. 0 / Zero) world record runner prototype. You get that true grand milestone of our century as 550 km/h and > 2000 km range per charge ultra-super-sports Road-Jet Version, and as the officially certified first successor of cars worldwide that ever was for sale. It is a tremendous chance a) because it is an object rewriting mobility as we knew it, b) it will be the first one of only 10 da Vinci F1 to be built in total, ever, and c) it is an absolutely unique offer 5 Million Euro below minimum list price.

Select your choice.

Within the succeeding paypal-window you can increase the number of orders you like to place in your choosen category.

Engage in our Lucerne Paris Valencia Tour now. 250 000 Euro target. Check progress pie charts below for actual status.

Progress on funding for the 2018 Lucerne Paris Valencia Run: 100 Euro funded so far. All money so far used for design protection with German Patent Office DPMA. Thank you so much.


Your Funding plus support by other Friends

Funding of the world record run, 250 000 Euro.

Internal Contributions

We invest 10 000 Working Hours for free. Progress as indicated.

Support from Industry Partners

Representing a total value of 2 Million Euro. Progress as indicated.

Acabion Contact

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